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Cities Near Urussu?

Oktyabrskiy is 8.06 miles/12.98 kms away
Tuymazy is 9.89 miles/15.91 kms away
Konstantinova is 20.08 miles/32.32 kms away
Kartutel is 23.48 miles/37.79 kms away
Novospasskiy is 25.07 miles/40.34 kms away
Bulat is 26.39 miles/42.47 kms away
Banki is 28.36 miles/45.64 kms away
Ladon is 30.22 miles/48.63 kms away
Aktuba is 31.28 miles/50.34 kms away
Muslyumovo is 32.72 miles/52.66 kms away
Karabash is 35.77 miles/57.57 kms away
Irek is 38.16 miles/61.41 kms away
Persidskiy is 39.93 miles/64.26 kms away
Bakalinskiy is 40.61 miles/65.36 kms away
Dzhalil is 41.2 miles/66.31 kms away
Alabakul is 8.15 miles/13.12 kms away
Bavly is 16.34 miles/26.3 kms away
Aznakayevo is 22.65 miles/36.45 kms away
Kandry is 23.93 miles/38.52 kms away
Sharan is 26.22 miles/42.2 kms away
Bugulma is 26.95 miles/43.37 kms away
Tumutuk is 29.52 miles/47.51 kms away
Aktyubinskiy is 31.06 miles/49.98 kms away
Kalshali is 32.13 miles/51.71 kms away
Adelkino is 35.26 miles/56.74 kms away
Yermekeyevo is 37.03 miles/59.6 kms away
Vesëlaya Polyana is 39.54 miles/63.63 kms away
Leninogorsk is 40.12 miles/64.56 kms away
Yunost is 40.68 miles/65.46 kms away
Bakaly is 42.34 miles/68.14 kms away

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