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Cities Near Vittangi Kapell?

Merasjärvi is 11.85 miles/19.07 kms away
Masugnsbyn is 19.26 miles/31 kms away
Puoltikasvaara is 22.56 miles/36.3 kms away
Soppero is 25.52 miles/41.07 kms away
Junosuando is 28.65 miles/46.11 kms away
Jukkasjärvi is 29.37 miles/47.26 kms away
Nilivaara is 31.1 miles/50.05 kms away
Lovikka is 35.99 miles/57.91 kms away
Kurravaara is 38.22 miles/61.5 kms away
Kiruna is 39.2 miles/63.09 kms away
Koskullskulle is 41.99 miles/67.58 kms away
Sakajärvi is 43.85 miles/70.56 kms away
Tärendö is 44.47 miles/71.57 kms away
Peräjävaara is 45.54 miles/73.29 kms away
Ullatti is 46.27 miles/74.47 kms away
Svappavara is 15.49 miles/24.92 kms away
Esrange is 19.62 miles/31.58 kms away
Skaulo is 22.92 miles/36.88 kms away
Lannavaara is 26.39 miles/42.47 kms away
Saittajärvi is 28.92 miles/46.54 kms away
Kangos is 30.14 miles/48.51 kms away
Tjautjas is 35.06 miles/56.42 kms away
Sjisjka is 37.51 miles/60.36 kms away
Luossavaara is 39.13 miles/62.98 kms away
Siikavaara is 41.57 miles/66.91 kms away
Tingvallskulle is 42.64 miles/68.62 kms away
Malmberget is 44.21 miles/71.15 kms away
Leipojärvi is 45.25 miles/72.82 kms away
Gällivare is 45.61 miles/73.4 kms away
Keskijärvi is 46.72 miles/75.18 kms away

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