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Cities Near Zawidowice?

Stronia is 5.29 miles/8.51 kms away
Olesnica is 6.09 miles/9.8 kms away
Krasowice is 6.96 miles/11.21 kms away
Dziuplina is 7.5 miles/12.07 kms away
Poniatowice is 7.67 miles/12.34 kms away
Laskowice is 8.18 miles/13.16 kms away
Borowa is 8.87 miles/14.27 kms away
Chrzastowa Mata is 8.97 miles/14.44 kms away
Borowa is 9.34 miles/15.04 kms away
Brzezia Laka is 9.8 miles/15.77 kms away
Golebice is 10.04 miles/16.16 kms away
Nadolice Wielkie is 10.32 miles/16.62 kms away
Dobroszyce is 10.91 miles/17.56 kms away
Dobroszyce is 11.08 miles/17.84 kms away
Ratowice is 11.27 miles/18.14 kms away
Wabienice is 5.86 miles/9.43 kms away
Olesnica is 6.42 miles/10.34 kms away
Nieciszów is 7.04 miles/11.33 kms away
Kopalina is 7.6 miles/12.23 kms away
Minkowice Olawskie is 7.84 miles/12.62 kms away
Ligota Polska is 8.42 miles/13.56 kms away
Miloszyce is 8.93 miles/14.37 kms away
Miloszyce is 9 miles/14.48 kms away
Jelcz is 9.71 miles/15.63 kms away
Brzezia Laka is 9.8 miles/15.78 kms away
Jelcz is 10.21 miles/16.43 kms away
Nadolice Wielkie is 10.74 miles/17.28 kms away
Namyslow is 11.05 miles/17.79 kms away
Namyslow is 11.15 miles/17.94 kms away
Czernica is 11.3 miles/18.19 kms away

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