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Distance Between Germany (DE) Cities

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Latest Calculated Distances in Germany

Zittau and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
192.63 miles
Glattbach and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
106.683 miles
Habitzheim and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
100.753 miles
Glessen and Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)
90.1308 miles
Heringnohe and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
126.037 miles
Weiltingen and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
109.02 miles
Hamb and Labbeck
5.76 miles
Sondernheim and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
127.873 miles
Bruchmühlbach and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
92.8173 miles
Jestetten and Im Weiler
11.06 miles
Horb Am Neckar and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
36.4711 miles
Mengkofen and Munich International Airport (MUC)
39.384 miles
Obergrunstedt and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
135.654 miles
Hetlingen and Hamburg Airport (HAM)
14.6975 miles
Weichs and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
164.101 miles
Friedelsheim and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
69.1337 miles
Ober-roden and Kleestadt
7.24 miles
Gennerich and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
77.9926 miles
Auma and Schömberg
5.88 miles
Baden-baden and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
137.456 miles
Knoop and Hohenhude
8 miles
Mardorf and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
76.7679 miles
Kaiserslautern and Mölschbach
5.5 miles
Usingen and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
109.26 miles
Frodersreuth and Weiden
8.01 miles
Königstein Im Taunus and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
11.3569 miles
Oldenburg and Loy
5.05 miles
Dülmen and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
25.546 miles
Denklingen and Munich International Airport (MUC)
52.6777 miles
Groß Strömkendorf and Krudopp
6.47 miles
Schifferstadt and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
115.819 miles
Seligenstadt and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
100.462 miles
Viersen and Vogelsrath
5.17 miles
Schönwald and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
85.3705 miles
Friedrichsthal and Hördt
7.47 miles
Hessenthal and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
33.7545 miles
Bolsdorf and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
121.713 miles
Priesterath and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
31.7402 miles
Brasilien and Hamburg Airport (HAM)
56.6421 miles
Möser and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
73.6465 miles
Edenstetten and Dresden Airport (DRS)
158.641 miles
Bitburg and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
91.9633 miles
Pesterwitz and Berlin-Tegel International Airport (TXL)
106.695 miles
Bünzwangen and Munich International Airport (MUC)
105.322 miles
Schleiden and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
84.3146 miles
Ahrensbök and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
113.71 miles
Staven and Hamburg Airport (HAM)
139.761 miles
Kasel and Berlin-Tegel International Airport (TXL)
70.3769 miles
Lippelsdorf and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
75.6224 miles
Cottbus and Dresden Airport (DRS)
50.1216 miles

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