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Distance Between Japan (JP) Cities

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Latest Calculated Distances in Japan

Honno and Goi
5.21 miles
Moriguchi and Kuraji
8.84 miles
Samejima and Miho
12.52 miles
Toda and Nishigahara
5.2 miles
Suma and Yasuda
12.12 miles
Isinomaki and Niiyama
14.39 miles
Senriyama and Osaka International Airport (ITM)
3.5212 miles
Chiryu and Okada
10.01 miles
Horyuji and Daito
8.75 miles
Mugigaura and Ichinomiya
23.71 miles
Suzuka and Tu
11.37 miles
Uehara and Matsumoto
10.6 miles
Washizu and Tawara
16.44 miles
Asagaya and Minami-aoyama
5.11 miles
Shiroo and Hakui
12.77 miles
Uehara and Uruma
7.76 miles
Hishida and Fukuoka Airport (FUK)
152.425 miles
Shibukusa and Kuma
7.99 miles
Shimonumabe and Atagoshita
5.83 miles
Turuga and Yokohama
6.63 miles
Omihachiman and Yamakami
12.89 miles
Tsuga and Nakamura
16.13 miles
Ibaraki and Kema
7.47 miles
Zama and Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)
152.289 miles
Taiho and Komu
11.25 miles
Higashitazawa and New Chitose Airport (CTS)
129.765 miles
Muroo and Tomari
16.8 miles
Irifune and Komatsugawa
5.07 miles
Otaki and Konuma
24.7 miles
Nomase and Sakata
30.02 miles
Rikubetsu and Mizuho
29.58 miles
Kochi and Yumoto
24.9 miles
Biwajima and Shimasaki
20.04 miles
Hisai and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (RJNS)
98.1115 miles
Nozaki and Kagoshima Airport (KOJ)
132.633 miles
Kure and Otsuka
14 miles
Kisiwada and Habikino
13.15 miles
Akane and Tokonami
28.6 miles
Sueyoshi and Hishida
14.75 miles
Tsuno and Hirahara
21.8 miles
Kaishu and Wago
7.29 miles
Toyama and Narita International Airport (NRT)
90.1828 miles
Hayakita and Ishiyama
28.48 miles
Okazaki and Osaka International Airport (ITM)
97.4897 miles
Koma and Nara-shi
12.26 miles
Kokawa and Kishiwada
13.95 miles
Nikke and Naka-gumi
20.75 miles
Musa and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (RJNS)
118.439 miles
Fushimi and Iwakura
10.4 miles
Yahagi and Obu
10.01 miles

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