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Distance Between Sweden (SE) Cities

You can search the distance between Sweden (SE) cities and airports using the form above. Please type first letters of the city and state or airport. Later wait for city suggestions. It will be easier for you to pick the right cities and find the right mileage between cities.

Latest Calculated Distances in Sweden

Täfteå and Luleå Airport (LLA)
178.921 miles
Ösmo and Klippsta
11.65 miles
Stig and Örnsköldsvik Airport (OER)
63.7042 miles
Vartofta and Gudhem
9.7 miles
Toms and Korskrogen
27.84 miles
Näsåker and Resele
8.94 miles
Larsboda and Sweden
6.2 miles
Nol and Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT)
19.4766 miles
Domsten and Malmö Sturup Airport (MMX)
50.1525 miles
Fengersfors and Gärdsbyn
5.87 miles
Barsebäck and Landskrona
8.26 miles
Flysta and Mälarhöjden
5.17 miles
Rud and Gullered
10.5 miles
Olstorp and Rinkeby
5.19 miles
Långestrand and Uddevalla
5.46 miles
Boberg and Sveg Airport (EVG)
99.533 miles
Tännäs and Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport (SDL)
152.52 miles
Blixbo and Lindsjön
11.72 miles
Virestad and Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT)
105.584 miles
Sandhem and Munkebo
6.94 miles
Järn and Olofstorp
10.55 miles
Mönsterås and Borgholm
13.19 miles
Porjus and Jokkmokk
24.2 miles
Matfors and Bergsåker
7.89 miles
Nyängen and Skedvi
7.15 miles
Ornunga and Farstorp
11.33 miles
Hult and Ekenäs
6.24 miles
Bjälnäs and Björke
9.4 miles
Spånga and Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT)
145.612 miles
Södergården and Söderhamn Airport (SOO)
102.732 miles
Lyckan and Hällstorp
5.79 miles
Fäbodtjälen and Berglund
14.62 miles
Häggenås and Krokom
13.86 miles
Åsen and Sandviken
5.65 miles
Svartsö and Vaxholm
12.79 miles
Näsum and Möllehusen
8.16 miles
Grönnäs and Björfjäll
8.27 miles
Kvarnholmen and Västberga
5.24 miles
Söderhamn and Vallvik
9.2 miles
Salteå and Mjällom
11.69 miles
Ramsö and Berghem
8.39 miles
Skarpnäck and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)
27.5073 miles
Hälleviksstrand and Sörtegen
10 miles
Viken and Nyhamnsläge
6.54 miles
Vättsta and Stockby
8.53 miles
Karonsbo and Luleå Airport (LLA)
120.558 miles
Sockenträsk and Sangis
19.39 miles
Kolarmora and Skebo
9.9 miles
Halla and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)
156.769 miles
Axelvold and Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT)
121.217 miles
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