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malaga spainCan I forget the Malaga - rare sample of real beauty?

   Ali ibn Said al-Maghribi

Malaga - a town in southern Spain, in Andalusia. Malaga - capital of the province of  Malaga, the largest port on the Costa del Sol. The city is located in the center of the coast at a distance of 176 km from Cordoba, 207 km from Seville, 131 km from Granada.

 Of course, the great beaches of Costa del Sol near Malaga make it one of the most visited regions of Spain. But the city can boast not only the coast and the sunny weather.

The city was founded by the Phoenicians and became a great and important during the era of the Moors. Very interesting historical ruins well preserved both in the city and throughout the province. If you add to all this beautiful natural scenery and picturesque villages, you'll realize why you came here.

Malaga - a city of sharp contrasts. On the left coast of the river Gvadalmedina - old quarters and on the right - most of the modern. The liveliest part of Malaga - Larios Avenue, which runs through its center

Arab conquest has made Malaga one of the most important cities in the region. By the end of X century Malaga counted 15 000 residents. About this flourishing capital of the Moorish kingdom Hammoudi the famous traveler of XIV century Ibn-Batuta said that it "combines the advantages of land and sea.


 • Alcazaba
 Address: C / Alcazabilla E - 29 015 Málaga
 Working hours: 8.30-19, 9.30-20 with summer. Closed Mon January 1., 24, 25 and December 31.
 Cost: 1,80 € (3 € with a visit to Gibralfaro).
 Alcazar Construction began in 1040 on a hill above the town. Malaga is the best preserved fortress of most other Moorish castles survived Reconquista. By the entrance to the fortress surrounded by a double ring of walls with square towers is a ramp from the street Alkasabilla (Calle Alcazabilla). To get to the citadel must pass through several gates. Some of them are decorated with Roman columns and capitals. In place of the Arch of Christ held its first, after the capture of the Christians, the Catholic liturgy. Then begin the Arab gardens. The walls of the fortress overlooking the city and port. Walk on the Alcazaba advisable to combine a visit to the Archaeological Museum, Roman Theatre and the Castle Gibralfaro.

• Cathedral
 Address: Pl. del Obispo E - 29 015 Málaga
 Working hours: 9.30-18.45, Sat 9.30-18, FAC and holidays. only service.
 Cost: 1,80 €.
 Since the construction of the cathedral were built from the XVI to XVIII centuries its external appearance there are a variety of architectural styles but is dominated by the Renaissance. Of the two towers of the temple, one (right) remained unfinished, for which the council called “Armless” (La Manquita). Three portals of the church made ??of marble of different colors. At the central site is allocated relief on Encarnación (Encarnación - the embodiment). This event is dedicated to the Bible. The church interior is shocking by its monumentality. The cathedral features an unusual 2-tier system of columns, which supports high ceilings located aisles. Carved wooden chair (XVII cent.) entirely made ??famous by Pedro de Mena. In the side chapels of the temple is kept a few decent works of famous masters, "Dun" (P. de Mena), the "Crucifixion" (Alonso Mena) and the "Virgin del Rosario" (Alonso Cano) in the chapel of St. Barbara is a Gothic retablo.

• El Sagrario

Address: Pl. del Obispo E - 29 015 Málaga

Opening Times: 10.45, 11.45, 18.30 and 18. Sat 10.45, 11.45 and 12.45.
This strange rectangular church of XVI century stands in the garden next to the Cathedral. The most interesting part of the external decoration of the temple - the lateral portal (calle Santa María) in the style isabelino. The interior of the church which was rebuilt after a fire in the XVIII century., Stands an amazing retablo (Baroque).

• Bishop's Palace (Palacio Episcopal)

Address: Pl. del Obispo E - 29 015 Málaga

The building of XVIII century belongs to the Baroque. Portal of pink and gray marble with Corinthian columns. In the niche above the portal is installed statue Pieta.

• Plaza de la Merced (Plaza de la Merced)

Address: Pl. de la Merced E - 29 012 Málaga

At the center of a large square area rises the obelisk to General Torrijos and his associates, who gave his life for his liberal views. In December 1831 they were all shot in Malaga. In one of the buildings overlooking the square, was born Pablo Picasso.

House and the Picasso Museum (Museo-Casa Natal Picasso)
Address: pl. de la Merced 15 E - 29 012 Málaga
Opening Times: 11-14 and 17-20 (15.06-15.09 - 11-14 and 18-21). FAC. 11-14. Closed on public holidays.
Cost: Free.
On the first floor, built in the middle of the XIX century exhibited prints and ceramics by Picasso. On the other floors housed Pablo Picasso Foundation (fundación Pablo Ruiz Picasso) and temporary exhibitions are held.
• Buenavista Palace graphs (Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista)
Address: c / Pedro de Toledo 1 E - 29 015 Málaga
This elegant building, located next to the Cathedral, built between 1516 and and 1542's. Since 2003 he has been working the Picasso Museum.
• Downtown (El centro de la ciudad)
Address: Pl. del Obispo E - 29 015 Málaga
In the heart of Málaga a lot of charming pedestrian streets. Through its modern shape inexorably show through the Arab lines. Lane Chinitas (pasaje de Chinitas) - just one of many such places, adjacent to the main city thoroughfare - Marques de Larios Street (calle Marqués de Larios).
• Church of Santiago (Iglesia de Santiago)
Address: C / de Granada E - 29 015 Málaga
Working hours: 9-13 and 18-21
The church was founded after the conquest (Reconquista) the Christians of the city. From the original building constructed by Mudejar craftsmen remained only a tower of bricks with ornaments in the second zone and the ancient portal (now incorporated) with geometric patterns. In this church was baptized by Picasso. In one of the side chapels is kept specially venerated image referred to as "Jesus El Rico". "Rich" Jesus called a pedestal of silver, on which a wooden cross.

• Martyrs Church (Iglesia de los Mártires)

Address: Pl. de los Mártires E - 29 008 Málaga

Schedule of de: 8-13.15 and 19-20 (the service). Holidays 9-13.

Church of the XV century located in the lovely pedestrian streets that are full of different shops. The modest exterior conceals a rich church interior (Baroque). It appeared in the church of the XVIII century after reconstruction. The church kept the statue of the patrons of Malaga - Santa Paula and the San Ciriaco. Near the church in a small area (street Martires / calle Mártires) is typical of Cristo de los Faroles. This is a popular Andalusian image name "Crucifixion" received the Order of Franciscan friars.

• The Sanctuary of Our Victorious (Santuario de la Virgen de la Victoria)

Address: C / de la Victoria E - 29 012 Málaga

Working hours: 8-13 and 16-20. Closed Mon

Outwardly modest brick church with a stone portico was founded by the Catholic kings in the XV century. At the end of the XVII century sanctuary underwent a major renovation. After that, in the interior of the temple there were all typical of the Andalusian Baroque elements and floral designs. In one of the chapels is an interesting sculpture "Sorrow" (P. de Mena). Crypt of the sanctuary occupies the pantheon of graphs Buenavista. It is abundant with images symbolizing the death and the transience of time.

• Central Market (Mercado Central)

Address: Pl. Arriola E - 29 005 Málaga

Large market of Malaga was built in the XIX century. In the place where in times of the Moors was a shipyard. On those times, like the arch at the entrance.

• Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions (Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares)

Location: vía Pasillo Santa Isabel 10 E - 29 005 Málaga

Working hours: 10-13.30 and 16-19 (15.06 - 30.09 with 10-13.30 and 17-20). Sat 10-13.30. Closed - VSC and holidays. days.

Price: 2 €.

The museum is located at Mesón de la Victoria - a magnificent inn XVII. In the exposition of the ethnographic museum collected a variety of items that give an idea about the customs and traditions of local residents. Here you can see many tools and devices that are used for making wine and oil, fishing, etc. The first floor displayed a curious collection of terracotta figurines representing the various characters of the local folklore.

• Park Avenue (Paseo del Parque)

Address: Paseo del Parque E - 29 015 Málaga

This island of peace amidst busy city streets. In fact, this botanical garden with lush vegetation, mainly tropical, which stretches along the sea. At the entrance to the park tourists waiting horse-drawn carriages. From the eastern end of the avenue begins Paseo de la Farol, where a monument to the popular folk hero Senachero, a street vendor of fish. A little farther begins Malageta area and beaches.

• The English Cemetery (Cementerio inglés)

Address: Paseo de Sancha E - 29 016 Málaga

The first Protestant cemetery in Spain is situated in the pretty garden. A plot of land on which the cemetery is, was handed over to the British Consul in Malaga governor in 1829, here lies a famous poet Jorge Guillén (1893-1984).

• Natural Park Montes de los de Malaga (Parque natural de los Montes de Málaga)
Address: E - 29 140 Málaga

Park located in north of the town on the slopes of the mountains that surround Malaga. Its area is 4,900 hectares. Here had been planted pine forests in order to protect the city from the constant threat of floods. On the road leading to the park, lots of ventilation and viewing areas (roadside bars) where you can eat.


Due to the open and focused on the tourist atmosphere of Malaga, is a lot of restaurants where you can try almost any kind of local, regional or international cuisine, from the cheapest to the most refined and elegant (Café de París).

In any case, city guests usually require the most typical dish of the city and here it is, of course, "pescaíto frito" (small fried fish) - out of competition. Pescaíto frito obtained from different fish, but boquerón (anchovy), jurel (scad), salmonetes (red mullet), calamares (squid), and a young hake deserve special attention, however, like sardines, cooked on a wooden skewer over an open fire.

Other typical dishes of Malaga - gazpacho and ajoblanco (cold vegetable soup with garlic ), gazpachuelo (fish soup), ensalada malagueña (a salad of boiled potatoes, cod, oranges, boiled eggs, olives, onions, seasoned with olive oil), and plato de los Montes. Last dish consists of fried potato, jamon (ham jerked from fat), blood sausage, roasted peppers and fried eggs.

Be sure to visit the restaurant El Tintero in Malaga (Calle Salvador Allende, playa El Dedo) - the most unusual restaurant province. There is no menu, waiters do not take orders. They are carried on the porch with a bunch of dishes, shouting the names of dishes. Raise your hand - if you have time, the plate will be on your desk.
Cook over barbecue conjures from 13:30 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to after midnight, delighting guests of the restaurant six dozen dishes, mostly fish and seafood. Payment can be made at the end of the meal by the number of backlog on the table of empty plates.


Malaga holiday calendar revolves around two main and most crowded events - Holy Week (Semana Santa) and August periphery (Feria de Agosto). There are other holidays that are closely related to folk traditions - Carnival in late February, the feast of Corpus Christi in late May, celebrations in honor of the Virgen del Carmen with processions on the beach in the middle of July Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales (festival of traditional andalusian songs "verdiales" on December 28 in Venta de San Cayetano in the area of ??Puerto de la Torre, where you can see the traditional song contest verdiales while tasting local wine jamon (jamon - ham jerked).
And every region of Malaga celebrates the holiday in their own way.
Proponents of bullfighting will not be without his favorite sight - these days the most eminent famous masters of entering the arena.

Malaga is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Attracts tourists for its scenery, warm climate, beautiful beaches and rich history.

For lovers of hot dances in Malaga there are many clubs. Malaga is one of the densely populated tourist cities. There are several areas in town where you can relax and do not miss Puerto Marina - is one such place, a huge number of pubs and fish restaurants can be found on every street. Another, more elegant area of Puerto Banus - luxury cars, luxury yachts, villas and luxury hotels. Most clubs are concentrated in the Costa del Sol.


Live music and good humor will give you this bar all day.

Beatas Liceo

Popular disco bar frequented by students, foreigners and tourists. Is a spacious two-story restaurant with terraces and balconies, are 4 different directions in music.
Address: C / Beatas, 21

Paka Paya

Disco bar with live music
Address: C / Juan de Padilla, 16


Located in the heart of the city, has a great atmosphere great music.
Address: Plaza Uncibay

Disco Kiu

Most of disco in the heart of the city, an area of ??Salt March. The club is open until 8 am. On weekends, admission is free.
Address: Sol y Mar

Discoteca Palladium

This place consists of a pizzeria where you can taste a most delicious pizza in Spain, and nightclub. If you prefer, you can swim in the pool, which is adorned in a separate building, entrance is free but you pay for drinks at the outlet, if you
lose your account, you'll pay double.
Address: Puerto Marina

Café-Concierto Puerta Oscura
A great place to meet friends or simply drink a cup of delicious coffee. Small pavilions were built in the 19th century, they are so comfortable that you just buried them. Day is a cafe with quiet music and at night - this is live entertainment.
Address: Molina Lario, 5

Rincón de Mata
Tapas bar on the corner Esparteros, 8 - inexpensive bar with popular sandwich of ham and beans, shrimp and snails in spices.
Gibralfaro Bar the Pasaje de Chinitas
Bar / cafe in bohemian style, live music flamenco, historical location bar makes it even more attractive place. The fact that the bar is located next to the cathedral, which is so zealously appreciate the Spaniards.
Address: Pasaje de Chinitas

Bar Logueño
This bar is very popular with the locals, here is delicious all prepared for a reasonable price. Your choice will offer 75 different kinds of tapas with mushrooms roasted peppers. Be prepared that will be noisy crowded.
Address: Calle Maria Garcia

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