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Golden Myanmar

Between the mountain ranges that serve as a natural border with neighboring Asian countries, is the "golden country." Its coastline stretching over 2000 kilometers washed by the south-west Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. To the west are Bangladesh and India, in the north - China in the east - Laos, and Thailand. This country is a little more in Madagascar, but less than North Texas. What kind of country? Myanmar, formerly Burma.Myanmar Burma

Myanmar - original country, an interesting first of all very beautiful pagodas and well preserved ancient architectural monuments. It is the world center of Buddhism, the natural pearl and at the same time a very cheap country for tourists. Travel to Myanmar -for the amateur and connoisseur. The isolation of the country from the outside world has kept its originality, that is so valuable in a time of globalization.

For the thousand-year history of Myanmar is three times created the mighty empire. In their old capital still visible traces of its former grandeur - a hundred temples have survived, but even more in ruins. View of collapsed walls and debris of the giant statues seized by the jungle, makes an indelible impression. A journey through the well-preserved forests of the country, where hundreds of crowns hidden evidence of past eras, or on the river Irrawaddy, the high coast of which shine with hundreds of gold pagodas - one of the best ways to know the country.

Cities that must be seen


Yangon, Capital of the country - one of the most unusual cities in the region. The population is approximately 4 million inhabitants, a huge city so full of trees and lawns that almost merges with the surrounding jungle, radically differing thus from the urban capitals of other Asian countries. Wide boulevards cut through the green areas on which here and there, towering steeples of the numerous monasteries and pagodas ("paya"), here and there glimpses of ponds and lakes, and surrounded on all sides pagodas and mansions, thousands of retail outlets are hiding in the shadows of the same trees and the constant noise of a big city like blurs in the sultry air locally.

The main attraction of the city - the famous Shwedagon Pagoda (built approximately in the V. BC. E., In its present form has been known since the XVIII century.) Situated on a hilltop surrounded by a huge 82 pagodas, statues, temples, and pavilions, decorated with ornate thread. The height of the pagoda about 110 feet at its decoration spent 8 thousand gold plates, 5 thousand and 2 thousand diamonds precious and semiprecious stones. In the pagoda 4 stores hair of the Buddha. Also interested in the gigantic reclining Buddha statue in Chaukhatgi-Pye (set at approximately IX. N. E.) Sule Pagoda (V in. BC. Oe.) Pagoda temple complexes ein Jahr-Up, Botatung-Paya, Maha -Vizayya-Paya (1980), Sweden, Mon-Puin-Paya, Kaba Aye-Pye-("universal peace pagoda", built in the mid-50s of the twentieth century. to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of Buddhism), a small island Pagoda Chauktan, Hyung-Hawk Kyoko ("Chinese Church"), the Cathedral of Saint Mary, Church of the Sikhs and the "Army Church" in Salveyshn Tenbyu Street, the Mausoleum of Martyrs, the National Theater, University, Karaveyk palace, the legendary Hotel Strand, Chinatown in "downtown" areas of beautiful pagodas and houses around the lakes and Kandogi Inya, etc.
Noteworthy are the National Museum with an extensive historical collection, the famous golden throne Sihasana Lyon height of 8 meters and all the regalia of the kings of Burma, the Military Museum and the Tatmadaw, built by the British zoo, park Pazundang, shopping area and market Bokeyk Taing-Tsei (the largest market capital), an old public market Bogyok Aung San (Scott market) on the eponymous street, as well as the famous floating hotel on the River Yangon (converted into a hotel of high class).
In the vicinity of the capital interest "river pagoda" Yale-Paya near Chauktana, a complex of Mont-Paya, pagodas Shvemodo ("The Great Golden Pagoda", 1930),Hintha-Gon Chaik-Pun Paya-and 55-meter reclining Buddha (994) in Bago, pagodas and Shvemokto Settayya-Pye in Pateyne (Pool) pagoda Pyagi (Big Pye) in Tayehitayya, pagodas Bobogi-Pye (Babaji, VII cent.) and Bebe-Paya pagoda in Hmoza and Shvemetman in Shvedonge. In the neighborhood of Prome (Pi), the remains of the medieval city walls, temples and pagodas are numerous, including the famous "Golden Pagoda" Shvensando, as well as Gautama a hill with numerous images of Buddha.


myanmar viewPagan (Bagan) - one of the most interesting historic cities in Asia. Founded in the IX century on the coasts of the Irrawaddy as the capital of the Burmese Empire, "the city of pagodas and temples," was destroyed by the troops of Kublai Khan in 1287 and neverrecovered more. This is one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world - about 5 thousand well-preserved temples, pagodas here are focused on an area of about 42 square meters. km., testifying about the greatness of the city in the past (in its heyday there were about 13 thousand places of worship). The most famous building of the city - "Golden Pagoda" Shvezigon, built in 1057 by King Anawrahta, founder of theroyal dynasty of Myanmar. Also interesting pagoda Shvegugi (1311), Temple GodopalinPato, the highest temple in the city - Tatbini Pato (XI cent.) Ananda temple Pato (1091),mortar Mingalazedi (1277), pagodas Lokananda -Kyaung, Shvesando-Paya,Paya-Manuha, Temple Htilominlo (1211), pagoda Mahabodhi Paya, in the Indian style,as well as Pagan Archaeological Museum with an extensive collection of medieval history.
At 60 km. south-east of Pagan is the sacred mountain of Popa-Daung-Kalat (1518meters) - the traditional place of worship and pilgrimages of local residents. It is believed that on this mountain inhabited by spirits of nature, "Nat", so on top of this extinct volcano, built a monastery, near which numerous traditional ceremonies in honor of April spirits and vast stretches around Mount Popa Mountain Park.


Mandalay - the second largest city in the country and it’s the last ancient capital. This is one of the driest places in the country, coupled with the huge number of sites attracts thousands of tourists. The city was founded by King Mindon Min in 1857, and all of the old palace buildings were moved here from Amarapura. The "heart" of the city - hill Mandalay Hill, which is an extensive royal residence, surrounded by a wall, and almost completely built-up pagodas and other places of worship. The main point of attraction in Mandalay are two shrines of Buddhism - or Arakan Mahamuni Paya ("The Great Pagoda ') with a four-meter statue of Buddha in gilded metal (gold layer is constantly increasing, because countless pilgrims have constantly rubbing the statue of fine gold sheets) and a huge gong weight 5 tons, and the pagoda Kuthodo with the famous "marble book" of 729 marble pavilions, carved in stone containing the Tripitaka page.
No less interesting pagoda Sadamuni (it also contains stone slabs from the Buddhist texts), parks and Nandoun Myanghoun inside the fortress walls and pagoda Chaktogi Yadanapon zoo in the northern walls of the fortress, Shvenando Chang - the only building remaining from the once great palace Mindon Mina Monastery Atumashi Chang Pagoda to the south Kuthodo, elegant monasteries Sweden Ying Bin Chang (1895) and Chang Takoun in the south-west, "Golden Pagoda" Eindoya (1847) with the surrounding park, the pagoda Shvechimin with the Buddha , Kin Woon monastery Chang on the canal coast Tingha Yarzar, Hudson Baptist Church, the Cathedral of Sacred Heart, three mosques, a Hindu temple of Sri Ganesha, the Royal Park, the Museum of Mandalay, wooden bridge in Amarapura, and good markets - Tseygo , the Jade Buddha and the Market. In the vicinity of Mandalay, are of great interest the ancient capital Sagain, Ava and Amarapura and Mingun town with its famous bell (weight - 90 tons, perhaps it is the largest existing bell on the planet), as well as the city with its Monywa pagoda Tanbodhay (in its walls of the 582 357 images of the Buddha), Pin-In-Luin with a beautiful botanical garden, a converted church in a cave 500 meters long and many waterfalls, as well as Mogok (200 km. north of Mandalay) - a recognized center of mining and processing of precious stones.

Also worthy of attention lies at the Bangladeshi border town of Mrauk-U, with its "pagoda eighty thousand Buddhas", the ancient royal capital of Mont - Tatun, caves and a lake in the Pindus, the famous "floating gardens of the lake Inle”, Shan plateau and the "Monastery hopping Cats" in the middle this lake, with its excellent Taundzhi MuseumState Shan, one of the shrines of Buddhism - a small statue on top of Mount Chatto - Chaykto with the famous "golden stone" (south-eastern part of the country), city Molamyayn (Moulmein), with its pagoda-Mahamuni Paya and dozens of other places of worship, the Museum of Buddhism in Sittwe, ancient capital Rakhine - Mrauk-U (it is believed that the city of more than 3 million years old), as well as areas Ngapali beach resort, Lintha, Chikto, Chungtha, Setse Peninsula and the extended coastline of Kant, Mang Ma Gan and Chang-Ta.

Entertainment Myanmar


Very beautiful mask of the Buddha can be purchased at Bagan. In addition, many just a bronze sculpture. As an option - unique massive bronze door handles and doors. All this is very cheap. Bargaining is recommended.
In Bagan also sell all sorts of very unusual pictures in the sand. This is unlikely to see anywhere else you can.
There is also a workshop for the production of lacquer ware. A tray with a gold overlay will serve you for a long time, reminding the trip to Burma.
Near the pagoda are the seller’s local puppets. Very beautiful dolls that adorn the walls of any dwelling.
At Inle Lake is a very good workshop for the production of silver jewelry. Ornaments in the local style is very beautiful!
There is a local blacksmith shop you can buy excellent fishing knives. A great gift for a friend - fisherman.
Everywhere is full of antique shops. There you can buy antique knives and swords, lamps and ancient sculptures.
In Yangon, if you're lucky, you can buy miniature Shwedagon, covered with gold leaf. It is handmade, which is mostly made to order.
A large number of woven hats and kasketok.
You must to pay your attention to the famous Burmese rubies! Buy when there is money in a normal jewelry store. To be discussed. Start with the fact that the price break in half. But rubies are incredibly good. With them on a par only Sri Lankan star rubies, whose quality is also unsurpassed.
In Mandalay, Amarapura to sell beautiful handmade umbrellas.
And pay attention to the painting. There is a very interesting colorful works by local artists.
If you look at Ngapali pearls. For the low price you can buy very good pearls. Bargaining as appropriate.

Market - the most important place in any city. For tourists it is interesting in that it is easy to follow by visiting the culture, traditions and way of life of people. Market - the focus of good and bad. There may leave alms and steal all the money.
In the town of Mrauk U is the rice market and the adjoining grocery and clothing series. In the rice market reigns vanity. Rice - staple food and therefore, it takes a lot. Around the bags, baskets and again dimensional bags of rice. Purchased product is loaded into the car to the roof and under the roof then becomes not understand where they go people. But this we do not understand. Local inhabitants compacted without neurological disorder and with knowledge of the case and so firmly, as if it were the last car in the life of each. This is almost true, because cars in Myanmar is not a lot and can easily meet the "Willis" since the Second World War.
It is quite another impression leaves a fish market in Sittwe, a city on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Here bustle of another kind: fresh fish, calamari, mussels and other seafood should be quicker to sell. Scurry around on fishing vessels arrived from the neighboring country of Bangladesh beggars depicting the crippled, the disabled and others who wish to earn money in different ways. In addition to fresh fish is on the shelves and hangs from the top over the counter dried fish. Near the stalls at the huge pile of small bags of dry and tight pepper fish. Whether from fish or from the proximity to the sea, on the lips is slightly salty flavor. It's time to go to the vegetable rows. They are very picturesque and offer the full range, from sweet potato to banana flowers, not forgetting, of course, about the betel nut and Tanaka.

What is eaten in Myanmar?

In Myanmar, as in other South-East Asia, the main food - rice. Find where to eat - it is not a problem. In the country, especially in tourist areas, many small cafes and restaurants (mostly Burmese and Chinese cuisine). Food is not too severe. Prices symbolic. In a small Burmese restaurant can be very satisfying meal for 700 IM ($ 0.7).
Chinese cafe a bit expensive. Liter bottle of water costs 100 IM, the same number - local soft drinks, all factory-made, packaged in its original plastic packaging and hermetically sealed. But the improvised, street beverages and ice - are best avoided.Varied and cheap fruit. Delicious and cheap local potato chips, candy and sweets.
The Myanmar cuisine is not particularly refined: boiled rice, rice noodles, onion soup, fish sauce, more like a paste, local vegetables and herbs.
The meat mostly chicken and pork. It is always possible to diversify their menu of fish and seafood is particularly good at the Bay of Bengal coast or major rivers. All the food hearty and cheap. In any cafe or restaurant can offer a selection of Thai and Chinese cuisine. About fruits more deserve attention its bananas, this incredible taste you will remembering for long time.
People in Myanmar usually eaten by hands. You can watch it in the street cafes in the open, where you can drink tea for free. All outdoor cafes are working till late time.

Myanmar Holidays

• January 4 - Independence Day.
• February 12 - Day of the Union.
• March 2 - Day of Peasant (the anniversary of the coup in 1962).
• March 27 - Armed Forces Day.
• 13-17 April - Celebration of Water "Mach Tindzhin" and the New Year.
• May 1 - Labor Day.
• July 19 - Day of the Martyrs (Martyr's Day).
• November 18 - National Day.
• December 25 - Christmas Day.

In Burmese week 8 days, the medium is divided into two days.
Buddhist holidays and festivals observed by the lunar calendar, so dates of their constantly changing.
On January 4 in Yangon and across the country held a week-long fair festival on the occasion of the national Independence Day (these days all offices and markets are closed).
From 30 December to late January in Bagan (Pagan) is a grand festival Pagoda Anand.
In early January, the Day of Kaya and Kachin Day (once every few years). In the Chin in mid-January, say local New Year's Eve ("Nar-Ga").
Interesting Harvest Festival in Shan State (23 January), the colorful ceremony in Mandalay and Mahamuni Pagoda Festival Chuck Hauck in Siriame (late January - early February), Day of the Union (national holiday, all schools are closed).
In March, held a colorful feast of the full moon Tabaung (March 5) in the period from February 20 to March 5 story pagoda festival pass Modin, Festival Zalun around Patina, Festival Godfather Ko Ki Cho in Shveguni Festival and Bo-Go about Shipo.
In mid-March festival worth visiting pagodas Nyan-To (Swe Myint, Tin) in the Pin-U-Luin, Pagoda Festival Win in Miami-Tong (combined with the traditional festival of nationalism "shan") and an extensive folk festival cave Pinda (4 - March 6) in the homonymous province.
Interesting pagoda festival Shvemodo (March 28 - April 9) in Bagua, a traditional national holiday of water, "Mach Tindzhin" and the New Year Festival Sand (April 14 - May 1, Mandalay), the traditional festival full moon Cason (early May, around the country ) Pagoda Festival Shite-Taung (May 3, Mrauk-U) with its famous fighter competition, etc.
During the summer festival celebrate Tihoshin pagoda (May 26 - July 9, Pakkoku) ceremonies at the pagoda Shinbinsayo (June 30 - July 1, Salai), the nationwide Day of the Martyrs, the full moon festival Vaso (end of July, the beginning of Buddhist Lent) and Tong Festival Bon (end of August, the neighborhood of Mandalay).
In the autumn conducted the largest variety of festive events - Festival Yadanar-Gu inAmarapura (early September), Festival of the pagoda Do-U (September 14 - October 31, Inle) Pagoda Festival Kuthodo (October 21-28, Mandalay), Festival of Dancing Elephants (the end of October, Chaushe), the national festival Myatalon (late October - early November, McVeigh), full moon festival Tidingit ("Celebration of Light") and the end of Lent (mid-October, a national holiday), Festival Shvezigon (late November - early December, Bagan) , festival and holiday Fovintang pagoda Tanbodde (November 26 - November 21, Monywa), Festival of Fire balloons (November 23-26, Taungou), weavers competition (November 25 cities), pagoda Festival Mar-Le (November 25, Mandalay ),the full moon festival Tazungdang (November 26, national holiday), the pagoda festival Kungmudo (late November - early December, Sagan), the pagoda festival Shvemetman (19-26 December, Shvetang) and Karen New Year (December 23) and Christian Christmas (December 25, national holidays).

Farewell to Myanmar

Buddhism teaches that nothing in this world does not disappear. For one life is followed by another. The fact that there was in some kind of seemingly constant quality, next time you stand before our eyes in a completely new and often unexpected incarnation.
Nothing disappears: and once the largest center of medieval South-East Asia, the capital of Buddhism - Burma, destroyed, like a tsunami swept through it in the thirteenth century Mongol nomadic tribes, has become a dead place, a monument, in a quiet and enchanted world of temples. And all this is to flourish and then be reborn from the ashes. Beautiful and charming Myanmar with open arms to tourists from all over the world.

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