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Welcome to Singapore

Singapore - an island, river, city and state where the merged three cultures: Chinese, Indian and Arabic. This is one of the most unusual places on Earth. For many years the country - a favorite vacation spot for Europeans and Americans. Singapore - the real "gateway of Asia" where East meets West, and the future - from the past. According to legend, first set foot here prince from Sumatra, which saw a creature with a lion's head and fish tail. He founded the settlement became known as Singa Pura (“Lion City”), a mythical beast has become a symbol of the state. To highlight the traditions, Singapore called the "Lion City and Temple." The streets here are renowned for exceptional purity, but because of multi-national cuisine the city - a paradise for gourmets.


Besides visiting many shops and restaurants in the area of ??Orchard Road / Marina Area and ethnic areas Chinatown, Little India, Malay Village, Singapore offers a wide range of attractions that can captivate all ages.
Animals are separated from visitors by natural barriers on the basis of natural terrain (ditches with water, the debris of twigs etc.), but not the bars of cells. Insurmountable obstacles for the inhabitants of the park at times so well camouflaged that there is a complete sense of presence near the terrible predators or funny monkeys, and animals do not feel inmates.
Perhaps it is the atmosphere of freedom contributes to the conservation of rare animals in the park. You can see the Sumatran tiger, pygmy hippopotamus, monkey clawed (Golden Tamarin). But very popular among tourists are the numerous families of orangutans from the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Together with trained cute orangutans you can even drink tea or breakfast.

In all, the park collected more than 2,000 animals, including Malaysian sun bears, chimps, polar bears, cheetahs, sea lions.
Also, tourists can observe the animal life in a completely different atmosphere. On 40 hectares of untouched tropical forest, adjacent to the zoo, night safari is organized. After all, most of the inhabitants of the jungle is nocturnal, and begins to be active only at dusk. Traveling in electric car, you can see the night life jungle in soft artificial light.
Also you can see orchid in gold and talkative birds. Its for lovers of trees and flowers opens its doors primeval forest, Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is the oldest park in Singapore, and one of its gems is unquestionably the National Park Orchid. By the way, the orchid in gold - a precious gift, which is to bring out of Singapore.
Also worth visiting the bird park in Jurong. Park is the largest in Southeast Asia - it extends for several kilometers. On a trip to Jurong should plan a whole day. Here you can watch the birds in their normal conditions. In the depths of the park inhabited by talking parrots, a lot of flies in the pavilion and is ready to talk with visitors.
For the night birds in the park pavilion staged "The World of Darkness." The pavilion is equipped with special lighting system - the day with artificial lighting arranges night birds, and in the evening when the tourists leave the park, the pavilion includes a bright light. Thus, you can watch the birds when they are most active. Here you can see the snowy owl - the inhabitant of the North (for which created unusual for Singapore conditions in the aviary are growing spruce and snow), and yellow fish owl, which lives in mangrove forests.
Opposite the park is another attraction of the Birds of Jurong - Reptile Park. On a compact area inhabited by snakes, turtles, lizards, iguanas. It is worth paying attention to the crocodiles, which are probably the most active residents of the park. You can watch the crocodiles feeding and see how the trainer puts his head right in the toothy mouth.

Entertainment for all tastes

In Singapore, people of all ages will get a wide choice of entertainment.
You can not leave Singapore without visiting the island of Sentosa. Here you can feel like a hero of the movie "Jaws", plunging along with the sharks at Underwater World.
You will be able to meet with interesting marine animals, such as, slope and sea cow. Immersion can participate even non-certified divers.
You will have the opportunity to make happy your body and soul - indulge and relax at the Spa Botanica - the most extensive spa facilities among the greenery of a    lush Asian    tropical    garden.
In Singapore, very good opportunities to play golf. You can play golf at night under a waterfall of lights and fireworks at the Golf Club Jurong Country Club and Orchid Country Club.
For lovers of night life in Singapore has a great opportunity to enjoy it. Have fun all nightand met in the morning can be one of the busiest nightlife and filled the streets of Singapore - Mohamed Sultan Road.
In Singapore, there is a unique opportunity to spend a wonderful day in communion with the dolphins. Become a trainer pink dolphins and swim with dolphins at them in Sentosaday, feed them and learn from the hands of their character. Out of it you get a huge charge of positive energy and do not forget this day ever.
Be sure to visit Suntec City! Here you can find and learn many useful things: to see the world's largest fountain, learn all about the ancient art of feng shui to make    the    procedure and rehabilitation    therapy.
Have you ever had breakfast in the company of pink flamingos? Then look at the Jurong Bird Park and it becomes a reality. Do not miss this exciting chance to make a safari, visit the world's first night zoo! There you can explore the nightlife of the animals, went on a 45-minute pro-echoing the tour tram or choose one of three hiking trails.
Traveling through the park, you will visit the eight geographical zones. Per-night visit refrigerant performance, play the "night dwellers", which you will never forget. No less exciting - a walk on the "Path of the Leopard" and mangrove trail. Complete your trip by visiting one of two restaurants located at the entrance, or go to the gift shop where you can buy figurines of various animals

5 things to do in Singapore:

1. Ride the bus with open top FunVee. During this trip you can explore the city on the second floor of the bus. The choice of three routes: the city, for heritage, night.
2. View presentation and musicals at the center of theatrical and musical arts, "Esplanade". At the scene of the Singapore concert and theatrical center are a variety of productions, there are excellent restaurants. There are performances of local and foreign groups.
3. Spend a day in one of the beach bars situated around the island. One of them - Café Del Mar. At the end of the day you can dine at a height of 70 meters above sea level - by cable car.
4. Dancing at a nightclub in the street Orchard, for example, Zouk - Singapore's pioneer club movement, the club with the best DJs and music program.
5. Singapore Sling cocktail in the hotel's Long Bar Raffles. This is Singapore's most famous beverage was created about 100 years ago, a bartender from the Hotel Raffles. It contains gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, club soda, liqueur Benedictine, cherry brandy and decorated with berries cherries. The original, and therefore the best, version of the Singapore Sling cocktail you can try it in the Long bar Raffles. And the hotel itself - landmark, is one of the most famous hotels in the world, built in 1887 and is a historical monument.

What and Where to Eat

Ask any resident of Singapore to his favorite pastime and he will answer - the food. In Singapore, the "Lion City", instead of the standard "How are you doing?" People greet each other with the question "Have you eaten?" Kitchen of the city as diverse as its culture. There were mixed Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian and British culinary tradition.

5 dishes that are worth a try in Singapore:
1. Crab sauce chili (or black pepper if you do not like very spicy food) - Singapore'sbusiness card. Chili crab podaetya in thick sauce of tomatoes and peppers.
2. Hainanese style chicken with rice.
3. Satey - kebabs of beef or chicken, served with rice cakes and peanut sauce.
4. Lax - curry with rice noodles, coconut milk, shrimp, eggs, chicken and shellfish.
5. Soup "Buck Kut Tech" - a soup of pork ribs with five kinds of spices, served with riceand fried dumplings.

CROSSROAD'S CAFE at the Singapore Marriott Hote (320 Orchard Road, Singapore238 865, www.marriott.com). A popular restaurant with an extensive international menu and a perfect selection of beverages to meals.
DOC CHENG'S - at the Raffles Hotel (1 Beach Road, Singapore 189 673, www.raffleshotel.com). In this hotel many restaurants, but Doc Cheng different dishes, which are eclectic, and interesting result, mixed cuisine of East and West. There are cabins for solitary lunches and dinners. The restaurant is open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner - every day.
GREENHOUSE at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia (7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039 799, www.ritzcarlton.com / hotels / singapore). Eclectic cuisine, inspired by Italian, Californian and Asian traditions. The restaurant is open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner - every day.
NADAMAN - Hotel Shangri-La Hotel (22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258 350, www.shangri-la.com). Ideal institution for lovers of Japanese cuisine. A first-class chef who owns an art to reveal and accentuate the natural flavors of food, bringing it to perfection - the result of the divine.
THANYING - Hotel Amara Singapore Hotel (165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, www.amarahotels.com). Geographical proximity to Thailand has left an imprint on Singapore restaurants - specializing in Thai cuisine gastronomic establishments in Singapore set. And Thanying one of them, and probably the best. You must try the desserts.
XI YAN (38a Craig Road, Singapore) - Hong Kong restaurant twin Xi Yàn, and how Hong Kong's brother, opened a TV star and chef Jacky Yu tables better to book in advance, because restaurant is very small. At dinner there is a selection of 12 or more dishes, representing a mix of Cantonese, Szechuan, Thai and Japanese cuisines.
ZAMBUCA at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore (www.panpacific.com). If Asian cuisine unfamiliar to you or you want to take a break from their tasting - this restaurant is for you. This is perhaps one of the best restaurants of Italian cuisine, European cuisine with strong Mediterranean theme. The wine list is also one of the best in town. The restaurant is open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner - every day. Equinox Complex - here you can eat, drink wine at an altitude of 200 meters above the ground, on the 70th floor    of    the    complex.
Cableway - here you can dine right in the booth, which runs from Mount Faber.
Ferris Wheel Singapore Flyer - a romantic dinner can be ordered directly at the booth ferris wheel.

Street food

On the streets of Singapore, you will find many restaurants, cafes and eateries with cuisine from different countries. Strolling along the same Chinatown, you'll see schools of Chinese, Burmese, Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian cuisine. In the Indian Quarter -Indian cuisine many options.
Taki LAU PA SAT FESTIVAL (Raffles Quay) - a fascinating place where you can not only inexpensive meal, but also a vivid and memorable experience from original Singapore. Buy one of the dishes of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Arabic cuisine from street vendors and hawkers food stalls with a variety of dishes - Hocker. Hawker - is a small outdoor café, where guests must first go to the tray or counter, to select and order food, which then brings to the table. The building itself of the market - an architectural monument, the only surviving building in the Victorian style,    built    in 1894.
MAXWELL ROAD HAWKER CENTRE (Maxwell Road) - shopping center located in Chinatown, here you will find many eateries with local and Asian specialties.


YIXING XUAN TEAHOUSE - tea shop. (30 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, www.yixingxuan-teahouse.com). The owner of the store Yixing Xuan Mr. Lu will try, and even insist on you to try, different varieties of tea before you buy them. Do not rush to leave the store after shopping - Mr. Lou propagation of his secrets of brewing tea, tea history and art.

Useful information about Singapore

In Singapore, the laws are set not to be broken. Even the slightest deviation from them is punishable by a fine.

1. Smoking in enclosed     public     places,elevators, cinemas, theaters, government offices, restaurants and stores is prohibited by law, the penalty - 1000 SGD. You can smoke in public restaurants / cafes on the street and in other specially designated    areas.
2. Always cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, if there are no transition, a pedestrian bridge or underpass, cross the road at the traffic lights, fine for crossing the road in the wrong place - 500 SGD.
3. Do not litter, spit on the sidewalk and the road, trying to contain Singaporeans their city in a perfect cleanliness and do not tolerate any garbage, fine -    500 SGD.
4. Unlike other Asian countries, Singapore is honored queue, so if you are waiting for a taxi, buy a souvenir    -     always wake up at all.
5. It is forbidden to eat or drink in unauthorized areas, and bring to chew gum, fine –    300SGD.
6. Riding in the front or back seat of a car or taxi without a seat belt is punishable by a fine of SGD 120 per person.

And a little bit of security in Singapore. It is very strictly enforce the laws. And because the local population is even disciplined. So that security on the streets is provided. Fear can be, perhaps, their own - the tourists. But still carry a passport. And all the other valuables, including airline tickets on the way back, keep it in a hotel safe. If it so happens that your documents were lost or stolen, then immediately contact the embassy of your country - you will certainly help. Thus, the safety of your stay in Singapore you will be provided subject to their own simple rules of behavior.

What worth    to buy in Singapore

Places for shopping in Singapore is not considered, from small shops to large malls. Western brands and labels are in abundance, but it's better to pay attention to the treasures of local production, artwork, antiques and electronics.
In most stores with a sign that buyers Tax Free expects 7% of the price when buying from 300 Singapore dollars. During the great Singapore Sale, which is conducted annually and lasts for 8 weeks from May to July, most shops and shopping centers in the country hold special events and give discounts up to 70% on    virtually all    goods.
Orchard Road - the most famous street in Singapore, there are luxury stores and shopping malls.


KWOK GALLERY (03-01 Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, Singapore).This is a store for serious collectors. Its holding for 300 years one family, the storespecializes in Chinese antiques - ceramics and jade. Some gizmos are sold at veryreasonable prices, close to cheap. TATIANA (03-29/30 Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19Tanglin Road, Singapore). The best place to find interesting things and crafts from Southeast Asia and especially Indonesia. The owner of the shop are so keen on her work that she would find you the best and most interesting gizmos by herself.

FUNAN DIGTALIFE MALL (109 North Bridge Road, Singapore, www.funan.com.sg).The shopping center, specializing in electronics. Takashimaya Shopping Centre (Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, Singapor). The greatest number of electronics stores all kinds under one roof (from the mp3-players to refrigerators). Prices are fixed, nodiscounts.
SIM LI ELECTROINICS TRADING (1 Rochor Canal Road, 02 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188 504). Six-story mall, built as if in honor of deities digital devices. Discounts on many products.

Clothing and other products

Ngee Ann City - there are boutiques Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton.
CLUB 21 (01-02 Four Seasons Hotel Shopping Arcade, 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore). Here you can find brands such as Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, Yohij Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester. You'll also find stylish clothes from Maharishi, furnishings and    art.
CREAM (136 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore). All the latest international trends in accessories for the home are presented here.
EU YAN SAN (269A South Bridge Road, Singapore, www.euyansang.com.sg). Do not let the unexpected aromas and flavors scare you away. When you get used to it - go inside this unusual shop. This location is also a Chinese herbalist, and his shop full of unusual and truly bizarre things. For example, dried seahorses (which, if used, he said, beneficial effects on blood circulation). Yiwu Sun Yan got the business from his father and grandfather, his family sold in the shop and medicinal herbs since 1879.


Orchid Risis - the image of this flower, which is the national symbol of Singapore can be found on a variety of souvenirs. Live flowers are covered with gold, and they are transformed into fanciful brooches and earrings.
Spices - the local cuisine can not be prepared without the many local spices. Buy a fragrant curry, chili pepper and exotic spices.

You can also purchase travel card in Singapore - it allows you to make an unlimited number of trips on trains and buses, MTR. Select 1, 2 or 3-day card. In addition to free travel, its owners can take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts at numerous shops, restaurants and tourist centers. Tourist card can be purchased at any of the offices at the stations Transit Link MTR ^ Chagi Airport, Orchard, Chinatown, Chinatown, City Hall, Raffles Place, Ang Mo Kio, Harbour Front, Bugis.

Getting there

Move to Singapore is easy and inexpensive: the services of travel for excellent bus service, one of the most modern in the world underground. On the subway, you can quickly get to almost any part of the city. It runs from 6.00 am to 24.00 am, trains run at intervals of three to eight minutes, plenty of taxis equipped with air conditioning and counters.

You may want to rent a car and order a car with a driver in any of the specialized agencies. There is also a trolley bus, a route which is designed so that you can get to most shops, cultural and entertainment centers.
In Chinatown, and some other older areas of Singapore can meet trishaw. Counter them, of course no, the price of travel should negotiate before boarding. As this is the trishaw - is not so much a vehicle as an attraction, then the cost is not cheaper than a taxi, and more.

Every hour from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal takes off from the second plane to the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur.
From Singapore by regular ferry service from neighboring islands belonging to Indonesia’s Batam and Bintan.

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